Garmin comes to the Philippines!

Am sure runners and triathletes will be thrilled with what I’m about to share —

Yes, Garmin has finally come to the Philippines! Yayyy!

I had the opportunity to meet the people behind the initiative to distribute Garmin in the country. 🙂 Expect a product launch during Q1 of 2010!

Best of all, they are keen on putting up a service center for Garmin units. (Yup, a hub where you could resurrect your old Forerunners. Double YAYYY!)

I’ll definitely keep you guys posted! For now, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, kiddos!♥



  1. woww…. this is a good news… seems that one of my wish list will soon be fulfilled 🙂

  2. Will wait for your post =)

  3. 🙂

  4. MARGA!! i didnt know you’re with RUn Radio.. awesome!! 🙂 no wonder you rblog disappeared but share more on air 😉 yesss!

  5. and another woww… I think my wish list fulfillment for the Garmin will be postponed, still need to save for this :))

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