The North Face Thrill of The Trail MV

Through the eyes of Raymund — featuring Bards, Luis, and Dingdong.


Run Radio Raceday Recap: TNF Thrill of the Trail

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The Run Radio team conquers the NUVALI trails! Very challenging, yet fun course! Thanks to The North Face and Primer Group for inviting us!

More recap episodes here. Run Radio Live returning on-air at NU107 very soon!

TNF Thrill of the Trail Teaser

A few shots of the trail, plus race director Neville Manaois’ description of the terrain

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See you all there!

Garmin comes to the Philippines!

Am sure runners and triathletes will be thrilled with what I’m about to share —

Yes, Garmin has finally come to the Philippines! Yayyy!

I had the opportunity to meet the people behind the initiative to distribute Garmin in the country. 🙂 Expect a product launch during Q1 of 2010!

Best of all, they are keen on putting up a service center for Garmin units. (Yup, a hub where you could resurrect your old Forerunners. Double YAYYY!)

I’ll definitely keep you guys posted! For now, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, kiddos!♥

Two new shows coming up!

Hi guys,

I know we’ve been quiet lately, both online and on-air, save for a few race updates here and there. This is because we are going through numerous changes, improvements… and making exciting plans for Run Radio.

We are launching two podcast episodes to supplement the live episode (which will start soon!) Today, we just uploaded the test broadcast of Run Radio: Raceday Recap (that’s a whole lot of Rs :D) It’s not much save for a few interviews with race participants, how they found the race, including a couple who got engaged through a finish line proposal — seems like it’s becoming the vogue nowadays!

Run Radio: Raceday Recap

Run Radio: Raceday Recap aims to bring you the freshest running news in and out of the metro.

Run Radio: 101

Run Radio: 101 will be your source of running tips — technique, nutrition, and advice. Beginner-friendly but experienced runners could still pick up a thing or two.

(And we talk about touchy stuff for girls, like running/racing with your period and choosing the right sports bra)

Run Radio: 101 will be launched on November 24, 2009.

We will have new hosts to join in the fray, too! Will keep you posted about them.

Aside from downloading our podcasts on our website, you may directly subscribe through iTunes. Just go to itpc:// but make sure you already have iTunes installed in your computer. It’ll auto-update when we have new episodes, including the delayed podcasts of our live episodes.

Rock and run on the worldwide web!

From SMART: Official Statement


At the outset, we at Smart Sports would like to extend our congratulations to all the runners, most especially to the marathoners of the recently concluded Subic International Marathon 2009. However, it has come to our attention the numerous comments of the participants of SIM 2009 regarding the technical aspect of the race and if there are shortcomings we will make it a point to discuss this with the race organizers. Rest assured to the running community that all these comments, feedbacks and suggestions are carefully being reviewed and will be kept as reference for other marathons Smart will be supporting.

Allow us to take this opportunity to share with the running community the reasons why Smart Sports decided to support SIM:

1. We are a sponsor. Much the same way we will be when we sponsor other marathons

2. We believe in the transformational advocacy of the Philippine National Police through its program director Ret. Gen. Sam Tucay and Chief PNP Jesus Verzosa

3. We realize that through SIM, we will be able to identify Filipino runners that can represent the country in international races. Kudos to the only 2 Filipinos (Hernanie Sore and Alquin Bolivar) to make it in the top ten who gave every ounce of willpower for flag and country

4. We simply want to promote a sport where hundreds and thousands of passionate Filipinos love

5. Sports tourism: to showcase the beauty of the Philippines. Particularly the beauty of SCTEX and Subic Bay

Since Smart Sports has committed to support Philippine marathon in the long run, we ask for the running community’s understanding and patience as Smart is very new to this. Smart has already pledged to support several international marathons for 2010 and we assure the running community that through partnerships with seasoned race organizers, we will make these marathons enjoyable and memorable which running enthusiasts (both local and foreign) can look forward to each year.

Smart – we’re helping sports… we’re helping running…

Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

Patrick “Pato” Gregorio

Head – Smart Sports

For comments and suggestions please email project officer Anton Almeda at

Season Finale – October 23, 2009

Uploaded in the EPISODE PODCASTS tab!

Run Radio will be off the air to make way for the NU Rock Awards and to prepare for the launch of Season Two.

Website will be revamped, too. Will upload the new home of Run Radio on the web soon.

In the meantime, continue to rock and run!

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