NIKE+ 5K Challenge

Ready to take the first step?

The Nike+ 5K Challenge is for those who are looking to jumpstart a healthy and active lifestyle. Every three months, Run Radio will dare one person to get off the couch, lace up, and start running towards the first-ever 5k race.

This challenge was inspired by our good friend and Print Avenue General Manager Aljo Chua. A very busy entrepreneur and father, Aljo took the plunge and decided to take up running to significantly improve his health and fitness level. Now, he has lost a considerable amount of weight, and has a few 15ks under his belt.

We are inspired by the stories behind every runner’s decision to run, and we have decided to create more stories through the challenge.


NAME: Patrick Echevarria


AGE: 26


Pat has always been the quintessential achiever. A constant topnotcher, he has graduated valedictorian in grade school, high school, and college. He was even a Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines awardee. Now in his final MBA term at the Asian Institute of Management, Pat is currently taking up a course in work-life balance. How does he strike a balance between a rigorous MBA program and other facets of his life?

His decision to start running was borne out of wanting to shake out of the sedentary lifestyle of a grad student. As a teacher, he wishes to inspire his students to involve themselves in sports and start becoming aware of the benefits of exercise early on.

Read up on Pat’s adventures, training sessions, and running anecdotes at


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